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Hurtta Padded Half Choke Collar

Hurtta Padded Half Choke Collar

Perfect for active dogs who can run free during training.

The half-choke collar is also well suited to daily walks when you need to be sure of your ability to control your dog. Therefore, the half-choke collar should be just the right size for the dog.

The collar is the right size when it fits over your dog’s head, but firmly placed around the dog’s neck when pulling on the leash.

Half Choke Collars are also great for hairy or heavy-maned dogs as the collar is looser when there is no pressure/lead attached to.

Subsequently, this results in less "collar mark" left on the coat and the half choke collar often sits better on the neck.


Waterproof, 2mm neoprene padding

Bands made of durable, 100% nylon

Metal parts made of steel

    Size: 35-45cm
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